Water Supply

Water is a basic need. The provision of safe and adequate drinking water to the burgeoning urban population continues to be one of the major challenging tasks, Lack of safe drinking water can undermine the health and well being of people, particularly the urban poor & economically weaker sections.

Manglam's range of services covers all stages of water supply and treatment which include planning, identifying sources of supply both surface and groundwater designs of transmission systems, pumping arrangements, disinfection & treatment processes.

Manglam's engineers can also undertake construction supervision and project management.


  • Preparation of short term/ long term plans of water supply.

  • Assessment of surface groundwater potential.

  • Groundwater abstraction.

  • Water Quality analysis Et improvement.

  • Design of the Intake system.

  • Design of pumping system.

  • Design of transmission and distribution system

  • Leakage detection Management.
  • Protection against pollution Et freezing

  • Corrosion and its prevention

  • Water Hammer Problems

  • Optimal design of water treatment systems

  • Instrumentation controls in water treatment systems

  • Financing Et Management

  • Laboratory tests

  • Operation & Maintenance of systems

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste is generated by industrial, commercial and domestic activities that are often indiscriminately disposed and its unscientific management thereafter leads to environmental and health hazards. The problems are already acute in cities/towns/industrial estates, as the disposal facilities are not keeping pace with the quantum of wastes being generated. With the burgeoning population and indifferent civic services coupled with wasteful consumerism and general apathy for cleanliness, the symptoms of strain on the environment and on our living conditions are conspicuously evident in many areas.


Manglam has provided Waste Management services to a broad range of clients worldwide including India ranging from small industrial estates to large towns. We at Manglam recognize waste management objectives i.e. Reduce, reuse and recycle technologies and to use integrated Solid Waste Management techniques for collection, disposal, and treatment.

We provide cost-effective, economically viable, environmentally and socially acceptable solutions. Consulting services provided include:

  • Municipal Wastes

  • Industrial Wastes (Solid/Liquid)

  • Mine Wastes

  • Bio-medical Wastes

  • Inventorization of Solid Waste Generation

  • Classification and Quantification Assessment

  • Disposal Site Identification

  • Reuse and Recycle Technology Options

  • Economic EValuations

  • Design, Tender Documents and Construction Supervision

  • Regulatory Liaison
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