Roads are the basic transport infrastructure, essential for supporting industrial and economic development countries. Roads, whether highways, expressways, toll roads, provide an indispensable link for the transportation of people and goods, not only between remote towns & villages to the market places and cities, providing vital function in the lives of every individual. Manglam provides services from concept to completion on high', projects both in urban and rural areas including city streets, arterial, freeways, expressways, and toll-ways.

The design services provided by Manglam on roads and highway projects include

  • Road/bridges inventory

  • Geotechnical and material survey

  • Topographic Hydrological survey

  • Right of way plan

  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic
  • Utilities

  • Lighting

  • Signage

  • Maintenance of traffic plan

  • Traffic engineering & studies
  • Road condition surveys

  • Pavement analysis and design

  • Geometric design

  • Construction management including procurement, contract administration, delay, and claim analysis.
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Manglam Associates